Marc teaches Vinyassa Flow, Ashtanga and Yin style classes.

Marc took his first yoga classes in 2010 at a gym in North London with Rebecca Keenaghan and Ann Pidcock. The benefits he noticed from occasional classes, and discovery of each teacher’s unique style, influenced him to deepen his study of yoga and increase the frequency of his practise.

Marc qualified as a RYT200 yoga teacher in 2015 at Yoga London under Holly Warren’s teaching and learnt from her the importance of bodily empathy – understanding how an asana is expressed, when someone can go further and where they need to release. In the years that followed he lived, taught and practised in London, Tokyo, New Zealand and Lisbon. In 2017 he specialised in Ashtanga and began a daily practice. He was drawn to both the strength of Ashtanga’s structure and its ease and lightness.

Marc lives in Hackney and works doing website and database development for non-profits, and finds yoga a perfect compliment to working at a computer throughout the day.

For Marc, yoga benefits everyone: it allows us to find the most strength when we can take a step back, listen to what our bodies need and be humble.